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Redefining Good Food + Good Jobs

FoodLab Detroit Strategy Council Co-Lab #2

Story by FoodLab Detroit August 8th, 2017

transforming how we think about good food + good jobs

Throughout the second of three co-labs, the FoodLab Detroit Strategy Council members worked to further refine what it means to be a provider of good food and good jobs. Taking the findings from the first co-lab, our friends at The Work Department synthesized the strategy council discussion to produce more clear definitions of "Good Food" and "Good Jobs". Our strategy council worked to edit those definitions in this second co-lab; assuring that those definitions articulated the core values of FoodLab Detroit, and painted a clear picture of the vibrant, local food economy that we envision. This is what our strategy council concluded.

good food

Appeals to the senses. Good food is authentic, flavorful and nourishing. Good Food is sourced, made and served with love. Good food is beneficial to people and does not harm the environment.


good jobs

Enable people to make good food, both for their community and for their families. Good Jobs pay living wages, and offer stability and opportunities for growth to both employers and employees. Good Job providers put standards in place to foster a culture of respect, appreciation, and open communication.

guiding principles for employers


expectations of good food, good job providers

help us build a more equitable detroit

Join us in lifting up FoodLab Detroit member businesses who are providing opportunities for growth in their neighborhoods, and who are working to make the possibility of good food and good jobs in Detroit a sustainable reality.

The Farmer’s Hand is the women owned, all-local grocery nestled in Detroit's Corktown that is bringing the gaps in our food system.
Footnote: Major support for these co-labs was provided by the New Economy Initiative. Special thanks also to The Farmer's Hand, for inviting us into their space to exchange ideas, and cultivate connection.
The Farmer's Hand, Detroit, MI, United States
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